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Wood Processsing

Custom Wood Processing

Farmer Rick is an owner and operator of a DYNA SC-16 Firewood Processor. He is an experienced operator with a production rate up to 4 cords an hour with perfectly straight logs. If you have cleared timber or have logs to process, rent Laetus Pullus' custom wood processing for professional service.


SC-16 Firewood Processor


"The DYNA SC-16 Firewood Processor is our flagship model, designed for full-time, high-output production. The DYNA SC-16 has a rated capacity of 16-inch diameter logs up to 16-foot long, with a maximum diameter of 22”. The live deck, in-feed trough, rolling log clamp, harvester saw, and splitting wedge are all controlled from an operator station."


What you will receive:

  • Rent of the DYNA SC-16 Firewood Processor with an experienced operator producing 3 face cord/hr actual.

  • This includes:

    • chains (approx 6 chains are used per 8 hrs)

    • bars (1 to 2 bars per 8 hrs) 

    • bar oil (1-1.5 gal per 8 hrs)

    • and fuel (1.8 gal per hr)

  • Transportation to the job site:

    • $2 a mile one way

  • Machine cleaning.

What you will provide:

  • A loader: skid steer, tractor, or mini excavator.

  • An operator for the loader.

  • Clean, stacked logs in the vicinity of the processing location.

Rates & options

$850 per day (8 hours machine run time), Overtime $150 per hour.


  • Loader Operator $250 per day

  • Tractor with grapple $300 per day

  • Tractor with grapple/chainsaw with operator $500 per day. 

Contact Rick with any questions. To get a quote for your project call: 517-625-1229.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Laetus Pullus Custom Wood Processing
Lead/Pup of Pulpwood (hardwood) contains 65 face cord.
Processing fee is $850.

$850/65=$13.00 per face cord to process.
Processing 65 face cord complete in 8 hours.



Home Processing

Lead/Pup of Pulpwood (hardwood) contains 65 face cord.
1.5 hours to process one face cord.
Pay a person (or yourself) $15 to process firewood.

1.5 hours X $15 = $22.50 per face cord to process 
Processing 65 face cord complete in 97.5 hours.

And the physical toll on a person for this endeavor....
In this case, it pays to work smart...not hard.

Processed Wood

Processed Firewood

This wood is a product of logging operations on Laetus Pullus Farm. Laetus Pullus Farm has maintained organic growing practices for over ten years. The Farm is environmentally verified from MAEAP in forest, wetland and habitat standards in addition to livestock system, farmstead system and cropping systems standards.

**Laetus Pullus Farm is an approved MDHSS Firewood Provider**